Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Latest FLL email

Greetings Teams:

A few updates, notes, and reminders for you today!

Nanooze - Special Nano Quest Edition

The folks at Nanooze, a science magazine about nanotechnology for kids, have put together a special Nano Quest edition to tell you a bit more about the science behind some of the missions. These articles were written specifically for FLL teams so may be a great help in understanding the missions and the tiny world of nanotechnology. Go to the Nanooze website to read all about the missions.

Ask a Nanoscientist!

New - and available online now. The Museum of Science, Boston and the Materials Research Society are providing a great opportunity to assist with the tough questions that FLL Teams may have as they are researching nanoscience and technology for the Nano Quest Challenge. Go to the Ask A Nanoscientist Website to post your question. Once teams have had a chance to formulate questions, the questions and answers will be posted to the "Ask a Nanoscientist Website" - including yours! You may ask as many questions as you want, just check first to see if someone else has already asked it to save yourselves some

Rookie Teams

Participating in an FLL tournament is the best way for your team to learn! Even if your team doesn't complete as much as it wants to this season, take part in a competition anyway. Kids learn from seeing other teams' robots and projects, and they usually leave an event with great ideas for next year. You may even discover that the team accomplished more than they thought, and they always have fun at an event. And be sure to introduce yourself to other teams at the event; veteran teams love to mentor new teams and show them the ropes. That's what FLL is all about!

Challenge Q&A Available

Remember to check the Challenge Q&A often for clarifications, updates, and official rulings. Subscribe today!

Go Teams!